When she first became initiated in Reiki in 2010, she immediately thought, “I have to bring this to the patients”.  That became her new passion and she had continued to pursue and finally attain this goal.  After becoming a Level 1 Reiki practitioner, Denise moved to Level 2 within 3 months and shortly afterwards, she opened her own studio in Pittsfield.

Since reaching the level of Reiki Master Teacher, Denise has completed over 100 attunements of Reiki students to the wonderful healing art of Reiki from Level 1 to the Master level.  In 2013, she launched a Patient Reiki Program at Berkshire Medical Center.  Currently, Reiki trained volunteers visit patients both at the hospital and at the Cancer and Infusion Center to provide Reiki treatments.  Denise has also designed and implemented a Reiki study; she has collected data to measure the effects of Reiki on pain, anxiety and nausea. She is currently working on publishing this study and she will post a link to the publication here when available.

In November of 2011, Denise was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. These pure, organic, therapeutic grade oils have a quality that far exceeds that of the perfume grade oils seen in most stores.  Because of the pure integrity of these oils, their potency excels and they produce excellent results. Denise uses these oils in her practice regularly.  She also offers the Raindrop Technique using nine of these beautiful oils.  

In 2015, Denise began training on tuning the human biofield using tuning forks. This is done with using tuning forks in your aura where we can hold blockages in our energy that result from experiences we have had in our lives.  Clearing up these blockages result in helping you feel more balanced and more energized.  This is because the previously held up energy in your aura is returned to your body through your chakras.  It is fascinating work inspired and taught by Eileen Day McKusick.  

Denise completed the Integrative Healing Arts Certificate Program through the Birchtree Center for Healing Transformation in 2017 and is now a Board Certified Holistic Nurse. In this study of holistic nursing and integrative modalities, Denise has become more grounded in her practice of self-care and patient care that is centered in intentionality, connection and holism.  

Denise is a Reiki Master Teacher and has had a practice in Pittsfield since September 2010.  She is also a registered nurse, a profession that she began 15 years ago when she felt called to leave her work as a WIC Program nutritionist and delve into a career where she could do more hands-on work in the health field.  

She has always had an interest in helping people to become healthier and more balanced.

Meet Denise Jester, RN, HN-BC, RMT


Intuitive Touch Reiki is dedicated to helping you to achieve a balanced state using Reiki, essential oils a calming environment and a nurturing approach.

Reiki Treatment - Experience the gentle treatment of Reiki in a warm, peaceful, nurturing room.  Allow the Reiki to restore your balance and refresh your body.

Reiki Level 1 Class - Become attuned to Reiki and begin to give Reiki to yourself and others.  Learn  why daily self-Reiki is a fundamental part of becoming a Reiki practitioner.

Reiki Level 2 Class - ​Learn the 3 sacred Reiki symbols and their applications.  Learn how to send distance Reiki.  You will receive another attunement at this level.

Reiki Master 1 & 2 Classes - Immerse yourself into a continuing journey of your authentic self and your own Reiki practice as you become attuned to the level of Reiki Master. Learn the Reiki Master symbol and the attunement protocols for all levels of Reiki in the Usui system of Reiki.  

Raindrop Technique - Align your mental, physical and emotional self with this unique detoxifying treatment using nine Young Living essential oils dropped from a height of six inches onto the spine.  These oils are potent and have a synergistic effect when combined. They include Valor, oregano, thyme, wintergreen, cypress, basil, peppermint, marjoram and Aroma Seiz.  These oils have many properties including being antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and immune-boosting.  ​​

Biofield Tuning - Find balance with this unique non-invasive therapeutic method that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks in the biomagnetic field that surrounds the human body. People report more energy, clearer thinking and relief from some physical ailments.  

​Life Coaching - Explore your thoughts, feelings, issues, goals and needs in any way that you would like to move forward in your life.  Develop a plan of action while gaining insight and awareness, leaving you feeling motivated and inspired and with a set of attainable steps for change.