Reiki Level 1 classes: For anyone who wants to learn Reiki and become a Reiki practitioner with no specialized knowledge or skills required.  In this two-part class, students will be initiated to Reiki Level 1 on the first night, enabling them to begin a daily self-practice to achieving better balance.  On the second night, students will gain further knowledge of Reiki and it's many applications.  Students will also receive a Reiki Level 1 certificate.    $180.00

At Berkshire Community College - Hawthorne Room 306 in Pittsfield, MA.

One 2019 fall session offered on two evenings: Tuesdays, October 22 & 29     Class hours: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Reiki Master 1 Class: This class will attune you to the Master level of Reiki.  You will learn the Reiki Master symbol and the attunement protocols to levels 1 & 2 of Reiki.  This is a one-day class taught one-on-one and held privately.  $350.00 

Reiki Master 2 Class: This class will attune you to the Master level of Reiki.  You will learn the Reiki Master symbol as well as the attunement protocols to levels 1 & 2 of Reiki. This class will also teach you the attunement to the Master level and will cover important points to consider in teaching. This is a two-day class taught one-on-one and held privately.  $500.00

Reiki Classes

Intuitive Touch Reiki is dedicated to helping you to achieve a balanced state using Reiki, essential oils a calming environment and a nurturing approach.

Schedule a class in your home with a minimum of 4 people!  Host receives an Essential Oil Gift!


$10 one-time class fee

Attend classes again for FREE!


Learn about Essential oils and how they support and enhance your health and vitality. Learn how to replace the many chemical-laden personal care & home cleaning products in your home, with pure Essential Oils & Oil-infused products! 

You are the "gate-keeper" of what comes into your home and you can keep your family safe from the many harmful toxic products on the marketplace by learning how to support your families overall health, vitality, peacefulness & emotional balance with nature's gift to us....essential oils! 

Learn what essential oils are, their history, and the differences between cheap oils versus pure oils, how they are made, and how they work. Join with Denise in a brief self-care exercise. Sample several different essential oils and learn how to buy them wholesale ~ take a bottle of essential oil home when you sign up. Bring your friends. Hope to see you there! 

Cost: $10 – pay only once but attend other classes to hear more information, bring new friends and learn more about self-care, harmony and balance.  

Reiki Level 2 classes:  For students who are committed to the daily self-practice of Reiki and who want to further their development of the practice and enhance self-care and care of others.  In this class, students will learn three sacred Reiki symbols and learn to send Reiki across distances to others who are out of reach.  These symbols augment and focus the Reiki as well as support healing, growth and self-reflection.  Students will receive a Reiki Level 2 certificate at the end of the class.   $230.00


Essential Oil


Reiki treatments are available by appointment only.  Bring your body into balance with this relaxing and balancing treatment. Allow your mind to drift into a peaceful state of comfort and ease in a nurturing setting.


Sessions are 30 minutes for $40

60 minutes for $75.

Raindrop technique treatments using nine pure Young Living Essential Oils are available by appointment only.  Oils are dropped onto your back, feet and legs while gently being massaged in using light, feathery strokes.  Then heat is applied to send the oils deeper into your body where they work on your immune system.  


Sessions are 60 minutes for $90.

Biofield Tuning treatments are available by appointment only.  Relax on the treatment table and feel the subtle vibrations of the tuning forks as they dissolve blockages in your biofield and return that energy to your body.  


Sessions are 60 minutes for $90 

90 minutes for $125.