Intuitive Touch Reiki is dedicated to helping you to achieve a balanced state using Reiki, essential oils a calming environment and a nurturing approach.

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Reiki II online with Denise was an efficient and convenient way to become Reiki II attuned.  Denise provides a lot of useful material/resources and explains the information very well.  She ensures you comprehend the material and how to apply it with leaving plenty of space for questions. The learning environment is comfortable and fun which makes learning about Reiki even more exciting. I incorporate what I have learned through Denise into my everyday life and have found it very healing for others and myself.                                                                                                                                 -Sarah B.

​​I met Denise a few years ago as I re-entered the wonderful world of practicing Reiki after many years away and she welcomed me to her Reiki Share like a friend, immediately putting me at ease.  I would like the world to know what a wonderful loving, caring and beautiful soul Denise Jester is...not to mention how talented she is in her multifaceted career.  She is an RN and a highly intuitive, gifted Reiki Master and Instructor.  Denise has magic in her hands and she follows her heart; what more could you ask for when you wish to be aided in healing or learning?  I can truly recommend Denise Jester and know with all my heart that if you have the chance to work with Denise you should hold onto that chance with both hands.                                                                                                                                                -Gail Cerruti, PT, CSCS

I have had the pleasure of knowing Denise for the past 4 or 5 years now, beginning as a recipient of her wonderful healing to becoming a recipient of her teachings, as my Reiki Master.   Denise is very warm and kind; qualities that drew me in and made me feel safe, relaxed and confident as I engaged in something new and very “outside of my box”.  I am forever grateful that I pursued the opportunity to work with her…she is full of light and positive energy, is very open and supportive, making her a fantastic teacher and a great friend.   I would highly recommend Denise to anyone looking for a healing experience, or seeking to learn more about the wonderful world of Reiki.                                                           -Christine S.


Back in 2011 my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I sought out someone to teach me Reiki. I found someone to teach me level I quickly so I could share it with my husband while he was receiving his treatments, but I didn't really know how to channel the energy. I eventually found Denise and enrolled in her class. She taught me Level I and Level II.  From the very first day I met her she has been an inspiration to me. I am now a Reiki Master/Teacher, volunteer at the Cancer Center in Pittsfield, Ma, a program that Denise implemented, and I am starting a Reiki program in a long term care facility for Alzheimer's/Dementia patients. Her Reiki shares are wonderful and when I leave there I am truly relaxed and at peace. Thank you Denise for your love, friendship and being beautiful you!                                                                     -Colleen C-S

I recently lost my husband and my emotions were all over the place. I also have a job more suited for a younger person. Since seeing Denise, I am more centered and able to handle whatever comes along. Also, I leave without the physical pain in my knees and other joints that was keeping me awake at night. I tried others and, nothing. Denise is the best ..          -Joy C.

In December of 2010, I experienced a relapse of my Multiple Sclerosis.  Along with traditional medical treatment I chose to seek out alternative therapy.  This decision led me to Reiki.  Reiki helped me feel more relaxed and centered, allowing my body to heal more efficiently.                                                                                                                                 ~Kerri M.

After arthroscopic knee surgery I had Reiki performed several times.  During the Reiki I experienced a very warm sensation around my knee and lessening of the pain.  I was skeptical and reluctant to have the treatment at all.  I can't find a rational or scientific explanation, but, nevertheless, it helped.  Since that first experience I have had Reiki for some back pain and again after a second knee surgery.                                                                                                                      ~Dr. Mark N.

I have serious issues sleeping, in every way possible.  Getting up 6-8 times a night, having very vivid dreams and can't wake up in the morning.  Just one Reiki session makes a world of a difference.  I sleep more soundly, dream less frequently, and wake up feeling great, not like I just ran a marathon.  I also suffered from sciatic pain for weeks and tried everything: pain relievers, stretching, the works, but one Reiki session and I haven't had the pain since, and it's been months!                 -Ali H

When I first heard of Reiki, I was very skeptical.  The first time I was expecting nothing, but when it was through, I felt so calm and at peace with my life.  It is very hard to put into words what it made me feel like, but it was like my body and mind had been wrapped in a warm blanket.  I felt what you could describe as vibrations and lots of purple and green colors danced on the ceiling above me.  There was no possible way to deny that there was something going on. By the end I felt such a huge release, like horrible thoughts and emotions I had been having were somehow addressed and then swept away... even my scientific and logic seeking mind couldn't explain.                                                                                       - Caity J